Impact Screen Options With Your Carl's Place Enclosure

Carl's has the option of Standard, Preferred or a Premium Impact Screen

Impact screens are heavy-duty fabrics tested to withstand thousands of strikes at up to 250 miles per hour. The pro average ball speed is ~180 MPH.


Normal quality image

Budget material

100% heavy-duty polyester

Loosely Woven

Casual Play


Smoother surface for better image quality

100% heavy-duty polyester

Strong silicone reinforcement

Tightly woven knit

Moderate Play


Smoothest surface available

Superior image quality

3 layers of heavy-duty

impact-resistant polyester

Noise-dampening center layer

Heavy Play

DIY C-Series Enclosure Accessory Information

This kit will include all of the necessary 1" EMT pipe to assemble your frame. No trip to the store needed, no special tools needed, no cutting, no hauling, just golfing!

These DIY kits are designed with flaps that stretch tightly from screen to wall to protect the frame from any possible contact with a ball. However, for extra peace of mind, these foam inserts fill that void perfectly for an even higher level of protection. Foam will be cut and sized for your enclosure so all you have to do is slide them in place while you're assembling the enclosure.

If you have any concerns about shanks or other mis-hits, net wall extensions easily attach to your enclosure using hook-and-loop strips. And easy add-on for extra protection.

These vinyl heroes are pure ceiling swagger. Their mission? Nab those high-angle shots that think they can bounce off the screen unnoticed. Strategically position one or more at different screen distances and show rebounds who's in charge.

Back Cover Kit

Eliminate unwanted ambient light in your enclosure with the back cover that attaches across the back of the enclosure. Pipes sold separately. Cut your own pipes or add our pre-cut Back Cover Pipe Kit for convenient setup.

Back Cover Pipe Kit

A pre-cut Back Cover Pipe Kit for convenient setup to support the Back Cover Kit.

DIY C-Series Enclosure Assembly

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