8.5' x 11.5' | DIY Carl's Place C Series Enclosure

$1,249.95 USD

Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits

Key Features

  • Seamless Experience: A redesigned impact screen that touches the floor, providing a complete floor-to-ceiling visual experience.
  • Quality Material: High-end nylon enclosure and connector fittings for an easy, hassle-free setup.
  • Safety Measures: Ingenious impact screen system with a bottom cable to minimize ball bounce-back.
  • Size: 11.5' Wide x 8.5' Tall  - Sizing Specifications (Overall x Viewable Screen Dimensions)

Impact Screen Options

  • Standard Screen (Included)

    • Budget-friendly material ideal for beginners
    • 100% heavy-duty polyester
    • Loosely woven
  • Preferred Screen (See Pricing)

    • Enhanced surface for superior image quality
    • 100% heavy-duty polyester
    • Strong silicone reinforcement
    • Tightly woven knit
  • Premium Screen (See Pricing)

    • The smoothest surface available
    • Exceptional image quality
    • Triple-layer, impact-resistant polyester
    • Noise-dampening features

Black Nylon Enclosure

Enhance your brightest images while protecting your walls from stray shots with our durable black nylon enclosure.

Steel Fittings

Our kit includes the essential corner fittings to connect your pipes seamlessly if you add the pipe framing kit option. 

Ball Bungees & Zip Ties

Find your swing's sweet spot with our included ball bungees and releasable zip ties, designed to adjust tension for any playing style.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Pipe Framing Kit: Make assembly effortless with our optional, powder-coated EMT pipes fittings and EMT pipe, pre-cut to your exact needs.

  • Safety Accessories: Additional necessary safety features include foam inserts, ceiling baffles, and 8' net wall extensions.  At a minimum we highly recommend getting the foam insert kit.

  • Back Cover Kits: Eliminate light leakage for a superior projected image while adding a polished look to your setup.

Customization Options

Need a tailored golf simulator enclosure? We offer custom sizes down to the inch.

Made to Order

Each enclosure is crafted specifically for your space and is ready to ship quickly. See your delivery date at checkout.