Foresight Sports GCQuad

$15,999.00 USD
Style: Ball Data

GCQuad Golf Launch Monitor – Unmatched Precision, No Strings Attached


Step into the future of golf with the GCQuad, the most advanced launch monitor available. Engineered for PGA Tour pros and weekend golfers alike, the GCQuad provides unparalleled accuracy and an expansive range of features that perfectly complement our state-of-the-art simulators. Fine-tune your swing mechanics or lose yourself in ultra-realistic virtual golfing experiences—all without any hidden costs or subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Award-Winning Ergonomic Design: With a design that's as functional as it is visually striking, the GCQuad delivers in both performance and aesthetics.

  • Precision Analytics: Capture every aspect of your game, from clubhead speed to launch angle and spin rate, with utmost accuracy.

  • Versatile Utility: Ideal for both outdoor ranges and indoor studios, the GCQuad adapts to fit any golfing environment.

  • Expanded Capture Area: Six times larger than its predecessor, the capture area ensures your data is always on point.

  • Always Connected: With robust WiFi and Ethernet options, you're always in sync with your performance metrics.

  • Long-Lasting Power: The swappable Lithium-Ion battery ensures that you're always ready to play.

  • Essential Putting Analysis: Gain unparalleled insights into your putting game, making every stroke count.

Software Packages Included—All Unlocked, No Subscription Fees!

  • Core Software: The engine that drives the GCQuad's superior functionality and data collection.

  • FSX Pro: Simplify your golf analytics with intuitive design and dual display modes. Custom settings let you focus on the metrics that matter most to you and your clients. From gap testing to post-session reporting, FSX Pro makes complex data easy to understand and share.

  • FSX Play: Powered by Unity graphics engine, FSX Play provides an unparalleled virtual golf experience. Featuring rich textures, 3D grass, enhanced lighting, and ultra-smooth gameplay, it’s as real as virtual golf gets.

  • Club License: Add an extra layer of depth to your analytics by unlocking invaluable club data, helping you to fine-tune your game even further.

Why Choose GCQuad?

The GCQuad is not just a launch monitor—it's an all-encompassing, data-driven golf solution. Coupled with our professional training, maintenance support, and digital marketing services, the GCQuad becomes an invaluable asset to any golfer. Plus, all software packages come unlocked, meaning you won't have to deal with any subscription fees.

Transform your game today with the unmatched capabilities of the GCQuad.