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Practice, play and compete in the total privacy of your own space. We allow food delivery and BYOB.

Member Benefits
  • 24/7 Access
  • Discounted Rates
  • Priority Booking
  • Online Leagues
Online Leagues

Multiple skill levels available. Real $ leagues, par 3 leagues, PGA leagues, 2-man scramble leagues.

Practice for Real

Work on shot shapes and trajectory. Dial in Carry Distances. Your scores WILL go down.

Membership Benefits

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Play Golf 24/7

Being a member at a Launch House Studio comes with many benefits, one of them being 24/7 access. Our automated facility allows you to book a time, then we will send you a text with a 4 digit pin to unlock our door, even in the middle of the night!

Advanced Priority Booking

Members can book time up to 2 weeks in advance. If you want those prime time evening or weekend slots, especially on gamedays, members get first dibs. General Public can only book 24 hours in advance.

Discounted Rates

Members get up to 30% off hourly rates. Save money and play more golf.

Online Leagues

Members unlock access to the Simulator Golf Tour. The fastest growing online tour, with weekly tournaments for all skill levels. To register for the tour it is an additional $80/year.


Simulator Golf Tour

At Launch House you have access to the largest online competitive golf tour.

  • Stat Tracking - Unlock automated stat and shot tracking
  • Handicap Tracking - Based on Tournament Play
  • World Golf Rankings - See how you stack up
  • Casual and Real $ Leagues

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This Tour is designed for people who drive the ball shorter than 250 yards and/or are starting SIM golf and learning how to play it.

Restrictions: If a player shoots better than or equal to -2 AND either hits 2 or more shots over 145 BallSpeed in that round OR hits 5 or more shots over 145 on any other Tour in the season, their scores will be voided from the Leaderboard that week. This is built to alleviate those players who are long hitters to just play WEB tour with irons off tees and whatnot. In the end, we want the shorter hitters winning WEB events. If you are a longer player, just start out at SGT.

Tees: ~6000 yards

Next step up in competition level from the WEB Tour. If you are comfortable with you game and drive the ball over 250 yards, this is the tour for you.

Restrictions: If your HCP reaches a -7 or better, you will no longer be able to play SGT Tour events and will be allowed to only play the PRO Tour. All other HCPs are allowed here in this Tour.

Tees: ~6500 yards

Open competition for all players.

Restrictions: None

Tees: ~6600 yards

Open competition for all players played from the tips with difficult course/wind settings.

Restrictions: None

Tees: >7000 yards

This tour plays the par 3 tees for the course selected for the week.

Restrictions: None

Tees: Par 3

Weekly tour using two man scramble teams.

Restrictions: None

Tees: 6500-7000 yards

The Dogfight tour is a season long competition with a real money buy-in and prize payouts. Join the SGT discord to learn more about and compete in the Dogfight competitions.

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