Playing golf on an indoor golf simulator at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Starting at just $1,499 a month.

Generate over $3,500/mo in cash flow.

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Commercial Golf Simulator Leasing

Monthly Golf Simulator Rentals

Par Package - $1499

  • Smallest Size - As small as 8' Wide
  • Virtual Staff Training Course
  • Screen to Mat - Black Carpet Flooring
  • Floor Mounted Projector
  • Remote Troubleshooting Included

Birdie Package - $1999

  • Medium Size - Up to 12' Wide Screen
  • Virtual Staff Training Course
  • Includes Wall to Wall Black Carpet Floor
  • Floor Mounted Projector
  • Maintenance Free Plan Included
  • Remote Troubleshooting Included

Eagle Package - $2499

  • Largest Size - Up to 16' Wide Screen
  • Includes $150/mo Marketing Budget
  • In-person Staff Training Course
  • Includes Wall to Wall Turf Flooring
  • Overhead Mounted Projector
  • Maintenance Free Plan Included
  • Remote Troubleshooting Included
Golf on a large indoor golf simulator leased from Launch House Golf at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Eagle Package

This is a photo of our Eagle Package Golf Simulator installed at the beautiful 4-Star Ski Resort, Hotel Terra located in Jackson Hole, WY.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need?

We recommend a minimum of 9' tall ceilings, however 10' or greater ceilings work best. You want a minimum room width of 14'. And a minimum room depth of 18'. Contact us if you have questions about your space!

Why a Staff Training Course?

If you want a golf simulator to generate revenue in a commercial environment, understanding how to operate it and troubleshoot any issues is vital.

All our leasing packages include at a minimum, a virtual staff training course where we "walk the dog" and cover everything from basic use to advanced options and troubleshooting. Our "Eagle Package" includes the option for an In-Person staff training course.

We will train you how to run competitions, set up practice modes and on-course play. We will also recommend pricing for your location and various types of promotions you can run to maximize revenue.

Remote Troublshooting

We install software with our simulators that allow us to diagnose any issues you may be having, and fix them quickly with our remote troubleshooting service, completely free.

Maintenance Free Plan?

In the event something within the simulator gets damaged or worn over time, we will replace it free of charge.

*Does not include damages due to negligence

Revenue Generation Strategy Guide

We have a comprehensive revenue generation strategy guide, that has several strategies you can use to make the most money with your simulator.

Whether you run a sports bar, luxury hotel, rec center, or apartment complex, we have tailored strategies to boost your ROI and provide fun options to your customers.

Leasing Terms

We have a minimum 3 month lease term.

Lease contracts are from 3-12 months in duration.

All prices listed require a 6 month lease minimum. If you want a "trial" lease of 3-5 months, add $500/mo to the package price.

At the end of your lease term, you have the option to extend your lease. If you do a 12 month lease, you will have a buyout option to purchase the sim at a significant discount.

Trial Lease?

If you want to test a golf simulator in your business but aren't quite sure how it will do, we offer "trial" leases, starting at 3 months.

If you do a trial lease, add $500 to the package price.

Commercial Options

Golf Simulator Leasing, Financing, and Installation


We have a "try before you buy" leasing program for qualified businesses. We will provide you with a free revenue generation strategy guide. Leases as short as 3 months!


Planning your golf simulator facility build and want some information regarding financing? We work with several equipment financing companies to provide you options to finance the equipment over time.


Need help with installing our simulators? Contact us for a quote based on your location. Our installation experts provide "white glove" services and will install the simulator in one day.

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