Carl's HotShot Hitting Mat

$534.95 USD
Size: 4'x5'
Hitting Strip: Standard Insert (Included)

Carl's HotShot™ Golf Hitting Mat is an anti-fatigue, easy-on-the-joints golf mat that lets you play golf for hours without pain. Playing in your golf simulator a ton and wearing out your hitting area? Carl's HotShot™ Golf Mats have a pre-cut, replaceable hitting area.

After our product testers spent hundreds of hours hitting from indoor golf mats in all styles and price points, we made our own to bring you the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Hitting Insert Options:

Standard (Included) - The HotShot™ mat comes with a standard replaceable hitting strip.

Divot "Action" Strip (Beginner) - Made with three strips of the softest foam on the bottom. This softer golf strip lets you hit the golf ball comfortably even if you don't have the perfect swing, yet.

Divot "Action" Strip (Advanced) - Similar to the beginner hitting strip, made with three strips of soft foam, but not as soft, still squishy to help ease the pain on your joints, while also providing more realistic feedback on whether you chunk a shot.