Foresight Sports GC3 With Essentials Bundle

$6,999.00 USD

GC3 Golf Launch Monitor – Elevate Your Game With Uncompromised Accuracy


Introducing the GC3, the all-in-one launch monitor designed for golfers who demand both quality and convenience. Ideal for players at every level, the GC3 offers exceptional accuracy and a host of features that perfectly complement your indoor or outdoor golfing experience. And there are no hidden fees or subscriptions—everything is unlocked and ready to elevate your game.

Key Features

  • Sleek, Compact Design: Space-efficient and easy to use, the GC3 is perfect for golfers who prioritize both form and function.

  • Precise Analytics: Get detailed insights into your game, including clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, and much more.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Flexibility: Designed for seamless use in any golfing environment, the GC3 makes no compromises on versatility.

  • Capture Every Detail: A capture area designed for optimum performance ensures your data is always accurate and reliable.

  • Stay Connected: With advanced WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, you'll never lose access to your performance data.

  • Power On Demand: The GC3 features a reliable, long-lasting power source so you’re always game-ready.

  • State-of-the-Art Putting Analysis: Gain critical insights into your putting technique with our advanced analytics features.

Software Packages Included—All Unlocked, No Subscription Fees!

  • Core Software: The heart of the GC3, providing a flawless user interface and intricate data analysis with ease.

  • FSX Pro: Customizable and user-friendly, FSX Pro lets you and your clients focus on the metrics that are most important to your game improvement.

  • FSX Play: Immerse yourself in virtual golf landscapes so realistic you'll forget you’re not on the course, thanks to next-gen Unity graphics.

Why Choose GC3?

The GC3 is not just another launch monitor—it's a comprehensive golf solution. When combined with our professional training, maintenance support, and digital marketing services, it becomes an essential asset for any golfer looking to improve. All software packages come pre-unlocked, so there are no additional costs or fees—just pure golfing excellence.

Enhance your game and provide a superior experience to your clients with the unmatched capabilities of the GC3.